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Change the way South Australia moves

The State Government in consultation with planning and transport industries and interest groups developed the draft Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan. Following its release almost 1500 submissions were received and more than 2500 people attended community engagement events. The submissions and community feedback are currently under consideration as part of producing a final plan.


The draft Integrated Transport and Land Use Plan identifies new ways of connecting people to the places they want to be - from the weekday commute, to weekend sports matches, shopping, entertainment and time with friends and family. It is about connecting businesses too, with their suppliers and with their markets, whether they are around the corner, across town or on the other side of the world. It is a state plan with local, national and international reach.


The plan includes...

A new tram network

new tram network


Modernised bus network



New and upgraded roads



Freight and ports

regional transport

New bikeways and walkways


Electrified rail network